Pioneering Mental Health Service Redesign in Africa

On the 28th March, we’re heading to Ghana to discuss a service redesign of mental health services.

For a population of nearly 23 million people, Ghana has 13 practicing psychiatrists in public service and 1 registered private practitioner.

In 2012, the Mental Health act was brought into the legislative framework for the Ghanaian health system; this act confers many new rights for individuals living with mental health issues as well as the establishment of a Mental Health Authority.

As a result of Mednet’s pioneering work in designing and delivering transformational mental health programmes across the UK, we have been invited by the Ghanaian Mental Health Authority to discuss how we can support them in the re-design of their mental health services.

Our experienced directors will enter into discussions with the aim of engaging the members of the Authority to uncover the unique requirements of the Ghanaian mental health system, and propose an innovative operational model that enables the country to support a 21st century mental health service.

We’ll be posting regular updates on this truly exciting project, so watch this space.