Assessing the need for innovative solutions to improve adherence in bipolar disorder

Mednet are currently undertaking a literature review on the efficacy of psychoeducational interventions and technological advances, either used independently or in combination to prevent relapse in bipolar disorder (BD). The review is being conducted on behalf of Quantum Pharmaceutical, a long standing partner who we are currently working with on the SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative).

In BD, non-adherence is significantly associated with decreased likelihood of achieving remission and recovery and an increased risk of relapse and recurrence as well as hospitalisation and suicide attempts.1 The SBRI is a medicines optimisation project where we are supporting the optimisation of health and social care outcomes from taking prescribed treatments by developing an innovative solution to improve medicines adherence and therefore prevent relapse. With Quantum, we have developed a service model that combines an advanced medication management system – Biodose Connect2 – with our evidence-based psychoeducation e-learning module accessed via an online platform.

Searches of the Cochrane Library, PubMed and additional manual searches have identified that whilst there are numerous published studies of psychoeducational interventions for bipolar disorder, research into the use of technological advances or combined psychoeducational and technological interventions to prevent relapse in BD is lacking. Our findings show that psychoeducation can significantly reduce relapses and hospitalisations in BD; respectively, technological advances can increase patient awareness and provide an important platform of communication between the patient and healthcare provider. These findings support the need and use of innovative solutions to support adherence and relapse prevention BD, which we are demonstrating with our SBRI service model. We will be submitting the paper to be published in ‘Behavior Modification’, a journal for innovative and insightful research, reports, and reviews on applied behaviour modification and interventions.


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  2. Biodose Connect is a medication management system utilising novel telemedicine technology, mitigating the risk of medication error via a remote secure dashboard with tailored alerts and reminders for patients.