A Digital Resource for Medicines Optimisation in Schizophrenia

Mednet are working in collaboration with major national public sector stakeholders, to develop an accredited eLearning module that will inform and educate community pharmacists about all aspects of medicines optimisation across the schizophrenia pathway. 

Medicines optimisation is about ensuring that the right patients get the right choice of medicine, at the right time. By focusing on patients and their experiences, patients can be helped to take their medicines correctly, avoid taking unnecessary medicines, reduce wastage of medicines, and improve medicines safety.1 Non-adherence to psychiatric treatment has been associated with the persistence of symptoms2 and 50% of patients with schizophrenia do not take their medication as intended3.

We are excited to be leading on this innovative project, which aims to address these issues and overall improve the outcomes of patients with schizophrenia, through educating community pharmacists. As well as working with a steering group to coordinate the development of the content for the module, Mednet are creating the digital platform in which the module content and assessment will sit. Phase 1 of the project will run until July 2016.

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