Diabetes Patient Support Programme Re-Design

Mednet have been running a pilot patient support programme (PSP) for a leading pharmaceutical company in the field of diabetes. This 12-week PSP helps patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) better manage diabetes and optimise treatment. At the beginning of the year, we gathered feedback from patients and HCPs using the programme, with a view to redesigning and redefining this.

Based on the feedback, we have since being working to streamline the programme processes so that it is easy for both patients and HCPs to engage with; we have re-worked the materials, such as creating concise magazines delivered more frequently to maximise communication with the patient and enhance patient engagement; we have also re-designed the materials, for example including different culturally appropriate images. Furthermore, our developers have worked to advance our patient management system, ensuring an efficient platform is in place to automate, record and report on interactions with patients.